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The Fair Plastic Alliance is open to all organizations who are willing to work according to our Standard.

Waste collection networks

Waste collection networks are the heart of the Alliance. In joining the FPA, they commit to further increasing their operational efficiency and to improving the respect of human rights for waste workers and other vulnerable people involved in the supply chain for recycled plastic.


NGOs and social actors

NGOs and social actors play a key part in connecting informal workers with different public and private local and national stakeholders. In joining the FPA, they commit to raising philanthropic funds and leveraging support for the project in different regional and international fora; furthermore, they assess respect of fundamental human rights for waste workers.

Private companies

Private companies have a crucial role as industrial partners, due to their knowledge of the market. In joining the FPA, they commit to supporting the development of waste collection networks, investing in a social enterprise, or helping to find a market placement for Fair Plastic Grades.

Public sector 

The public sector’s contribution is pivotal because they are the ultimate promoters of public health. In joining the FPA their commitment is to facilitate the access to public services and to provide better access to household plastic waste, in line with existing practices to promote plastic recycling.


What’s in it for you 

  1. Access to network of like-minded businesses and organizations that are fighting the battle against plastic pollution and poverty.
  2. Opportunity to share ideas and collaborate on projects and initiatives, in order to improve operational efficiency in the recycling sector.
  3. Access to fundraising opportunities for waste collection networks.
  4. Opportunity to take part in economic initiatives to scale up the recycling business.
  5. Opportunity to place plastic goods collected or transformed by FPA members on national and international markets, facilitating the match between offer and demand.
  6. Opportunity to raise the profile of the member or partner through promotion by the Fair Plastic Alliance.
  7. Opportunity to have a stronger voice through the Fair Plastic Alliance regarding public policy issues.
  8. Opportunity to make a broader social and environmental impact.

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